The next leg of our journey began with just getting to the train station in Venice. It was not very far at all from the hotel but 3 ladies getting 3 big bags over the big bridge by hand was always going to be fun! Fortunately 3 very willing husbands were not leaving town till an hour or so after us so they lugged our bags over the bridge for us and duly escorted us into the train station where we easily found our Eurostar train and subsequently our carriage and seats.
A comfortable trip of just on 2 hours down to Florence and a scramble to get out the door with our big bags before they 'slammed shut on us' was a bit of a worry but we got there!

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As many of you know of course, Kemm and I have jetted off to Italy this time, but not before a bad start with me walking around the house, handbag on shoulder, waiting for our pick-up – brrrr brrrr, phone call – sorry, you’re flight’s been cancelled! And that was from the driver who was due to pick us up! 5 minutes later we heard from Emirates – the flight had not even left Auckland so they had certainly known for a good few hours but hadn’t got the message to us –mmmm.....
Anyway a few phone calls later and we moved everything out by 24 hrs – so yes, Scruffy, I heard you barking but you didn’t Know I was still home!!!
So it was then Wednesday night when we headed out – first flight direct from Brisbane to Dubai – 15 hours worth, then a 5 hour wait in transit at Dubai airport before our next leg from Dubai to Venice of 6 hours. A very long haul but we both did manage a few hours sleep along the way.


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