This transcontinental adventure offers an unsurpassed view of Australia - North to South over three unforgettable days.

Travel by rail between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin and you are embarking on one of the great train journeys of the world. Named after the Afghan cameleers who once traversed this route, The Ghan will take you from one edge of this continent to the other, through the very centre of Australia.

Just keeping you updated….

Now in Darwin - nanna napping - I think we've walked 10kms this morning! Found ourselves a nice over the water lunch spot (as we do) and a nice bottle of white (as we do) - otherwise all good and nothing to report!

What Kemm once knew as a bunch of mudflats is now all open space park, wave pool, beach, restaurants, cafes etc and all very new. Wether is absolutley delightful - 27, gentle ocean breeze and no humidity.

Have booked ourselves a car for tomorrow morning and will likely head down to Adelaide River territory in the morning and see whats in that vicinity.

Looking forward to boarding the train on Saturday morning though.


We only have a couple of days to spend in Darwin but as we had arrived in late last night, the plan was to spend the day doing very little.

Had a late breakfast then ventured out for a wander around the Esplanade and found our way down to the <a href="http://www.waterfront.nt.gov.au/">Darwin Waterfront</a>. This had apparently been an unused and undeveloped wharf area of Darwin but some amazing changes over the past few years have obviously developed it into restaurants, park, beach, wave pool and accomodation area. A great spot to dawdle around in and of course find a spot for lunch.

The flights from Brisbane to Darwin (well Virgin anyway!) only leave late at night so it was an 8.45pm flight out of Brisbane, due to arrive in Darwin at approx 1am.

All good - I think I actually slept for about and hour and a half even if it was upright, head wobbling stuff.

I was really tired! Grabbed a cab into the Darwin Central Hotel and of course flopped into bed!

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