The Rhine

Rhine Valley - September 29

Expecting a full`day of cruising the Rhine today with the Rhine Valley being the most photographic area along the way. Have managed to get the very front chairs in the lounge on our ship "MS Amabella" so we have a lovely view of both left and dight sides of the bank.
The weather has not been very kind to us over the last couple of days however as we begin our day cruising along, we are beginning to see some blue sky so we could be in luck!

Today was what we referred to as ‘Castle Day” – a section of the Rhine River where all the fabulous and very old castles are situated high on the adjoining hills. All very picturesque of course so a million photos taken by all on board. Our weather for this particular day was nothing to be overexcited about – in fact it was very cold, dull and gloomy but that did not stop us all spending the day admiring the scenery along the way.

Lunchtime we arrived at Rudeshiem – the town I have already spoken about in an earlier news blurb! This was our afternoon of sunshine but still not warm enough to bare the arms just yet!


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