The Nile

We are leaving Egypt today with this journey having shown us another of the world’s amazing places. There is real history here in Egypt but unless one studies it in as much detail as our amazing tourist guides have, it is very difficult to take too much in. Their in-depth knowledge drives them with such a passion that they really do want every tourist who visits this area to understand every little thing about the ancient Egyptians. It would be a fascinating thing if we could!

The ancient Egyptians really had knowledge and skills that in today’s society we cannot fathom, to build giant pyramids, hidden tombs of their Kings and statues of admiration and immense respect for the Kings and Pharaohs of their time.

Docked at Edfu this morning and had an interesting ride by horse and carriage to the Edfu temple - a skinny horse, a carriage??? Big wheels, not much tread, wobbly.... but we made it! Edfu temple to some was another wonderful temple to visit - there's been heaps of them! Back on the boat for another 6 hr cruise and then another temple stop but about here I started feeling unwell and from there had a 12 hr dose of the runs which laid me low for the rest of the day basically - This last temple tour I did not visit - turns out with my condition I would have needed a couple of toilet stops in quick turn so was more than happy to rest in our cabin!!

My last news seemed so long ago but we have been so busy and are almost ‘templed out’!

Arrived in Cairo and headed to the Sofitel Hotel. The river separates Cairo proper from Giza and the Sofitel is actually on the river’s edge but in Giza. As the name implies we were in Giza and very close by bus to the Pyramids which was our first stop for the day. The pyramids are very close to the city so it was only a short dive there to join all the other tour buses doing exactly the same.


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