Hi everyone!

Landed safely in London after 3 long flights but did manage to get some sleep along the way fortunately. The flight from Brisbane to Singapore was one of the best we've ever done for that sector - almost bump free and extremely 'smooth sailing' as they say. That was 7 1/2 hrs, Singapore to Abu Dhabi 5 /12 hours then Abu Dhabi to London another 7 1/2 hrs. I had a shower in Abu Dhabi and freshened up a bit which made me fee a little better but for those who have done that haul, you know how hard it is!

A day spent travelling from London to Arnhem in The Netherlands meant a lot of time gazing out into the countryside and just taking note of the changing landscape.
Leaving London meant travelling by Eurostar train under the English Channel - a whole 20 minutes in which you wouldn't even know where you are. Next thing we knew we were in France but didn't take long and we were in Belgium! But that's train travel in Europe I guess. So far a very flat landscape and now up here in The Netherlands it seems even flatter! Weather is a little so so, bit damp, cool and dreary but nothing that's way too cold, fortunately.


Well we've done much of what we had (or hadn't) planned to do here in London including all the usual sightseeing bits:

Bought a 2 day ticket on the hop on hop off bus and basically did a straight circuit first day then the next day once we had our bearings, worked out where we wanted to get on and off.


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