Basically a free day in Broome today as we weren’t being picked up till 3.30pm so I arranged a half day tour of Broome to get a feel of the place and where we were at. Broome has really only ‘come of age’ since the 1970’s and now boasts a regular population of 15,000 which explodes to 50,000 in the peak of the dry season which is where we are at now so every caravan park in town is full as is most of the accommodation. The Broome races also happened to be on in town today so people fly in from everywhere for that as well.

Started out yesterday Brisbane to Sydney.

A long day today with an almost 5 hr flight from Sydney to Perth, 2 hrs wait then 2 ½ hrs up to Broome.

Just arrived in 9pm east coast time but seems a bit silly going to bed here at 7pm!

Dark so no bearings yet but the camels were all heading home as we made our way to Cable Beach.

I assume we're close to the beach!


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