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As many of you know of course, Kemm and I have jetted off to Italy this time, but not before a bad start with me walking around the house, handbag on shoulder, waiting for our pick-up – brrrr brrrr, phone call – sorry, you’re flight’s been cancelled! And that was from the driver who was due to pick us up! 5 minutes later we heard from Emirates – the flight had not even left Auckland so they had certainly known for a good few hours but hadn’t got the message to us –mmmm.....
Anyway a few phone calls later and we moved everything out by 24 hrs – so yes, Scruffy, I heard you barking but you didn’t Know I was still home!!!
So it was then Wednesday night when we headed out – first flight direct from Brisbane to Dubai – 15 hours worth, then a 5 hour wait in transit at Dubai airport before our next leg from Dubai to Venice of 6 hours. A very long haul but we both did manage a few hours sleep along the way.


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