Weather not exactly wonderful again today but certainly didn't seem to be as rainy as yesterday.

Headed off to Kings Park in the middle of Perth to check out the wildflower displays there. GPS is a great gadget getting you around when you really have little idea of where you are going!

Arrived about 11.30am, did a wander around ourselves then hooked up with a wildflower tour guide whom we followed for nearly and hour. Lots of interesting info from that.

The weather in Perth has been horrible - starting with a 3am thunderstorm which woke us both up - clap of thunder directly overhead!

Took us a while to get up and about with being up early whilst WA time caught up with us. Headed out firstly towards where I used ot live 25 years ago and called in there to drop off a couple of photos I had of when we built the house. No-one home so just dropped them in the letterbox.

Headed from there over to the coastline so we could follow the coast down to Fremantle rather than just whiz down the freeway. There is SO much growth in Perth it's amazing. It was very windy and rough on the ocean but stopped anyway for a few minutes just to check out the surf and a couple of photos of course.

Had a 6 hr flight from Brisbane to Perth!!! 200km/hr head winds and although a reasponable pleasant flight - it was a very long one!

A few days at the Vines in the Swan Valley (vineyard area - again!) - on the golf course accommodation so guess what we are doing! The resort is a large one with 2 full golf courses, cafe, restaurant, bars, tennis courts etc but the golf is our reason for being here! Kemm stepped out the door on our first evening here and as his words were - nearly got run over by the roos as they bounded past!

There are heaps of roos on the course here (after having played 18 holes this morning!).


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