Great Ocean Rd

It's been another long day on the road - although it hasn't really been 'on the road' with so many stops and things to do.

First stop was a lookout viewing area over Port Campbell - one from each side of Port Campbell! From there it was down to view the Loch Ard Gorge and the bay after which that was named.

Back down to the 12 Apostles and what a huge difference in weather and ocean. Yesterday was cold and blustery with a huge ocean swell and white horse caps on the ocean - today was almost flat as a pancake and as we travelled down the coastline, it seemed to get more and more calm. As sadi, a HUGE weather change. Almost a pleasure being here again!

The last few days of our trip have come a cropper with horrendous weather so our proposed 4 nights at The Links, Lady Bay at Normanville on the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide turned into 3 nights and no golf - supposedly 4 nights with 2 days of golf and one day in the McLaren Vale region for lunch.

The Links course was adjacent to the Grand Mercure which is part of the Accor Holiday Club that we belong to, our reason to begin with for heading to that neck of the woods. Probably a nice spot in most weather and very close to the coast as well but when the wind and rain rushes in at gale force off the ocean - it is NOT a pleasant spot! Poor 'roos were bounding all over the fairways looking for somewhere to get out of the weather as well. It really was cold and miserable.

What a beautiful few days we have had – some have said ‘don’t get blown off Cape Otway’, ‘why on earth are you doing the Great Ocean Road in winter?’, ‘you’ll freeze your butt off’ etc but we could not have asked for better weather.
A warm jumper is all we need during the day to keep the chill out – most days are low teens, but there is not a breath of wind around anywhere so we have been VERY lucky!

From our last stop at Port Campbell we headed ‘back’ to the 12 Apostles the next morning for a look at them in a different light so now have photos from evening and morning perspectives.
Checked out the cliff top whilst in Port Campbell to find an amazing sight of the fog and mist streaming out of the valley, through the bay and out to the ocean leaving a stream of mist above the ocean – something neither Kemm nor I had ever seen before. We must have timed it just right as half an hour later it was gone. Obviously just one of those weather phenomenon thingies!!
You can see what I mean in amongst my photos at

Stayed at the Yarrawonga Border Golf Club Accommodation – on-course self contained accommodation which was great. The club itself is HUGE with about 5000 members I was told – that included golf, bowls, gym, social members. Whatever, the clubhouse was huge and accommodated us very nicely thank you! The club has 2 x 18 hole courses and a 9 hole course so it really was a big club!

I played with the ladies in an Open Day they had and walked the 18 holes with 3 other ladies, had lunch with them and then Kemm and I did 9 holes on the 9 hole course they also have there. It was a great little course and the weather had been really kind to us – just got a little chilly by the time we came in. The spa bath then called so warmed up nicely!

Sleep in this morning as we don't have the big day ahead as we have in the last 2 days.

First stop breakfast - another delightful meal after our dinner here also last night.

Then we head out to the vineyards well known in this region, and especially for their muscat and tokay grape varieties. Muscat is a favourite for both Kemm and I and Tokay is very much afavourite of mine and OUR STOCKS ARE DEPLETED! That's why we're here - to restock. Of course the re-stocking needs some tasting first, even if it is 10am in the morning!!!

The Rutherglen wine region has been producing luscious dessert wines since the 1850’s and wine merchants, writers and consumers around the globe, acclaim them as truly the world’s richest wines.

We're off on our next trip away - the plan is to drive the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide. That's it! What we do on the way there and afterwards is all pretty much play it by ear.

There are a couple of semi-planned items though - playing golf at Yarrawonga in Victoria with friends who are there for a weeks golf, and 4 nights on the Flerieu Peninsuala south of Adelaide at our Accor Vaction Club property - also another golf resort area.

Yes, the golf clubs are in the back of the car, as is everything except the kitchen sink!

Day One

So, day one - we had spent our first night at the Sofitel on the Gold Coast as Max was having his 60th birthday at Broadbeach where we wanted to be so decided to leave from the Gold Coast the next morning.

Brisbane to Dunedoo - a tiny town 1 hour north of Dubbo (cute little motel in town - local golf club perfect for a Sunday night dinner - had to be, was the only place open in town!)

Dunedoo to Rutherglen (stayed at Tuilleries Vineyard Accomodation - delightful!)

Rutherglen region, wine tasting, resting - staying on the course at on-site accommodation self contained apartments - Golf

Yarrawonga to Lorne

Lorne to Port Campbell

Port Campbell to Coonawarra

Coonawarra, Fleurieu Peninsula and trip home




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