Universal Studios

Full day out today at Universal Studios. Might only be a 10 minute walk to the park entrance from the hotel but there's also the regular shuttle service so hopped on that - mustn't overdo things too much or walk too far!!!

Headed first up to the 'Studio Tour' service where our little 'train' moved us around the actual working areas of Universal Studios. The place is huge!! In amongst it all there's bungalows, cafe's, whole wild west streets, canyons of water gushing down the mountain (on cue of course!!), a ride through the dinosaur 3d tunnel, we had 3D glasses on to make it seem real - that bloody great spider made me jump out of my skin!! I hate the things - it might have only been 3D and 'seemingly' close to me but how come it came right up to my spot on the tram!!


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