Have been on the go for days it seems so just in 'relax' mode today and doing very little. Might take a wander back into town later for dinner but otherise all very quiet.

Weather is absolutely beautiful today and early this morning there was not a cloud in the sky and the place just sparkled.

Have had the afternoon nap and a couple of nibbly things but not exactly much to say on today's efforts.

Another pre-arranged pickup seemed to work well and we headed off to the Athens Port to meet our ferry. Now that's a ferry!!! We were unceremoniously dropped at the back of the giant ferry wondering if that's where we were meant to be! Dragged the bags (had left one big one back at the hotel) up the gang plank onto the car loading ramp (still wondering what was going on!!), but found a rack to heave our big bag into then asked one of the car loaders where to go - through that door (an EXIT sign) and up the steps - okay!


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