Thursday – Oct 2 - BAMBERG

Yeah!!!! Have finally managed a ‘play around’ and got this email looking the way I really want it to come out. I might do website work for clients and have everything looking you beaut for them but like a carpenter who never finishes building his house, I never really did get around to making my emails resemble something sensible. But for most email clients, this should now look heaps better!

So, on with the blurb.....

We arrived in Cologne in Germany on Tue 28 Sept mid morning having left the Netherlands behind. Then left the ship for a guided walking tour around the city. Guided walking tours are all planned extremely well on these cruise boats – each of us has a earphone headpiece which was given to us at the beginning of the trip and each time we head off the ship we pick up a radio receiver from reception ready to receive our running commentary from a local tour guide who meets the ship and is given a radio transmitter. This way they can be 100m or so in front and talking and with our earpieces, we can still know what’s going on.  Tour groups are commonly seen everywhere with earpieces stuck in ears listening to their guides!

We are now into the “Main” River (Myne), a river in Germany of some 525kms. It flows through the German states of Bavaria (and boy have we tried some Bavarian beer along the way!!), Baden-Wurttemberg and Hessen. How do I know all this??? Each evening on board we are given a 4 page journal of the next days travel, excursions for the day, timings, meal timings, buses, bike tour times, ariivals and departure times from ports and entertainment for the next day etc. It’s a really comprehensive journal and will be something we keep as our memories of the trip.


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