The next part of our trip has been heading down to Naples on the Eurostar train. We arrived lugging our bags from the hotel onto the platform and waited with however many other people until a platform number came up on the electronic display board which appeared a whole 10 minutes before the train was due to depart. So off everyone trundked way down the platform to respective pre-booked carriage numbers.

Shopping, Shopping, shopping!

This place is leather heaven and between 3 of us now we have managed to accumulate about 9 or 10 handbags!!! They are really cheap and 'will never go astray!' That's our motto anyway.

Gold earrings have been another favourite between us - in general prices are really cheap here - more so thatn we imagined so we are getting our shopping in whilst there are no husbands around!!!

First stop out this morning was along the Arno River in Florence, at the Ponte Vecchio - the main bridge across the river. It is not a vehicular bridge but more an icon of Florence with heaps of little shops on top and a very touristy area. But onward and forward to the church of Santa Croce! But ho hum - there's lots of leather shops around !!!

The next leg of our journey began with just getting to the train station in Venice. It was not very far at all from the hotel but 3 ladies getting 3 big bags over the big bridge by hand was always going to be fun! Fortunately 3 very willing husbands were not leaving town till an hour or so after us so they lugged our bags over the bridge for us and duly escorted us into the train station where we easily found our Eurostar train and subsequently our carriage and seats.
A comfortable trip of just on 2 hours down to Florence and a scramble to get out the door with our big bags before they 'slammed shut on us' was a bit of a worry but we got there!


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