My last news seemed so long ago but we have been so busy and are almost ‘templed out’!

Arrived in Cairo and headed to the Sofitel Hotel. The river separates Cairo proper from Giza and the Sofitel is actually on the river’s edge but in Giza. As the name implies we were in Giza and very close by bus to the Pyramids which was our first stop for the day. The pyramids are very close to the city so it was only a short dive there to join all the other tour buses doing exactly the same.

Flew 4 hours from Abu Dhabi to Cairo and met at the airport by an APT representative. Transferred to Sofitel. Had a welcome dinner with the tour group - only 9 of us on this tour, 2 from NZ and the rest from Australia.

Thursday morning city tour  - Cairo is huge, dirty, full of traffic and always very busy.

Tuesday morning we spent checking out our surrounds a little more and had a quiet lunch in the hotel grounds on the beach front - absolutely delightful there - the weather has been very kind to us whilst away and similar to home without the humidity.

Pickup time for the City tour was 2.30pm - we were taken to the main tour start point right under the nose of the Burj Al Arab - what we all know as the 'Sail' hotel in Dubai. Most people are not able to get very close to it at all and as such our tour buses all met in an allotment across the road but still in good view of the hotel so we could take those compulsory snaps!.


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